Robert's skill in portraiture began when he was just old enough to hold a pencil. His mother was a well-known, local portrait artist, Caron Gilliard. She specialized in charcoal drawing as well as oil painting. Noticing that Robert possessed the same creative gift, she began cultivating and training him at an early age. It was then that Robert learned how to make people look their best in portraits.

After about 20 years, Robert met Melissa whose passion was photography. Between Melissa's photography and Robert's editing, these two were producing photographs that were attracting attention around the country. They started a business called "Eppicmoments Photography" named after Melissa's last name "Epps." Their small part-time hobby became a full-time studio after 8-time Olympic Gold medalist, Picabo Street, insisted that only Eppicmoments would photograph her wedding. Since then, Eppicmoment's work has been featured in PEOPLE MAGAZINE, PARENT MAGAZINE,, SKI MAGAZINE among others.

In 2011, The two opened a studio in their home town of Milton Florida. A second location in Finley Ohio is currently in the works. For more information about their photography, visit: